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Low insertion force type sealing treatment (S1 series)

If tin-based and nickel-based, such as silver-based connector is not remembering lubricity of contact and sulfidation resistance, the oxidation resistance and moisture resistance, it may cause a number of problems including Fretting corrosion, the migration. In addition, if the general gold plating process and the metal processing is not the proper use, it is impossible occurs in each of the characteristics on the treatment effect.
Therefore, the above has been developed as a possible treatment is the S1, This is there was an inhibitor that has excellent characteristics even at high temperatures, which was has been additive manner used in the traditional D1S, take the balance of contact resistance / slipping / corrosion resistance by rearranging the mixing balance of this I was able to be born as a processing agent. S1 processing that it is possible to prevent fretting corrosion in to reduce the wear and made to have the slip we recommend. Since it does not violated course copper-based metal of the base and can also be used in most of the contact.
You can use diluted depending on the intended use, but please use no solvents interfere with use. It should be noted that the film after processing it will fall almost with a solvent that had a strong dissolving power when it was just after processing adsorption along with but time, harder completely fell in at a later date of cleaning because oil film strengthening will proceed. Also, later environmental properties compared to those otherwise the product that the process is the extremely dominant state.
Please use in accordance with the application because there is S1 system of oil type and SA system of dry type.

Spray type contact failure inhibitor Alphamist

In recent years, we have vending machines is increased, but we have heard malfunction due to poor contact is especially as connector of tin are frequently used along with the flexible substrate but cabin temperature, fretting corrosion occurs in vibration and seems.
The contact of the silver-based are also plagued by ion migration due to humidity or a resin material. But thin with gold-plated contacts also by no means reliable. Since Alphamist has each inhibitor as basic moisture resistance good base oil is well-balanced formulation, and I think that it available for your use with confidence even under such usage. Vending machine maintenance, it is Alphamist that by all means I recommend for accident prevention.

Because contact material that did not perform the sealing treatment have fallen corrosion resistance over time, it is necessary to the earliest possible treatment to those after market, but carry out the processing only to contact you'd be difficult . In such a case, because generally dispenser, spray, application by swab etc it seems to have been devised each, but easy coating amount is increased, it takes note that there, so adhesion of dust and the coating film strength etc is a change.

Since Alphamist has each inhibitor as basic a good moisture base oil is well-balanced formulated in the solvent does not affect the contact material, also I think that it can become to the peace of mind to be used for any usage.
The easy point happened of various battery terminal such as contact failure including the connector I take appropriate action, and we believe enough benefits such as reduction of the improvement and the operating force of contact reliability appearing.
Precautionary Measures used rarely, but I will add a few seconds, such as lightly warm air If condensation due to rapid cooling occurs. Also, if you want to use for the purpose of the anti-tarnish silver product, because there in rare cases, to react to a large amount of use and unreacted components are strong ultraviolet light, please wash or light wipe if you have too attached. Since it does not invade most of the plastic come be used with confidence in packaged parts.
Since the solvent is strength retardant Do not use near open flame.

Water system (D1SWG)

It is limited to part of the solvent is used from the concern of impact on future environmental protection and human body we will be gradually limited. But sealing treatment agent of the water system have major consequences such as gold are not obtained yet by now of technology.
That be provided with excellent corrosion resistance alone inhibitor soluble in water is that rather difficult. D1SWG is emulsion system sealing treatment agent you leave that as much as possible the effect of conventional oil-based processing agent. Promising effects and management is simple running costs will have a very low feature.