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Low insertion force type sealing treatment (S1 Series)

If tin-based, nickel-based, and silver-based connectors do not have lubricity, sulfidation resistance, the oxidation resistance and moisture resistance on the contant, it may cause a number of problems including fretting corrosion and migration.
In addition, if the general gold plating process and metal processing are not used properly, some troubles will be occured for the treatment effect from the characteristics respectively.
Therefore, we have developed this low insertion force type sealing treatment(S1). This treatment was made by rearranging the combined balance of inhiditor used as an additive used in the traditional DIS, which has an excellent characteristics even at high temperature.As the result, we could make this S1 treatment as a well balanced treatment with contact resistance, lubricity and corrosion resistance.
We recommend this S1 treatment as it is possible to prevent fretting corrosion by having the lubricity that can reduce abrasion. Also, since it does not violate the copper-based metal of the base, it can be used in the most of contact.
Although this product can be used by diluting depending on the purpose of usage, a solvent which doesn't interfere with the usage. Also, the film after treatment can be cleaned mostly by a solvent has a strong dissolving power.
However, it will not be cleaned thoroughly at a later date since adsorption and oil film will be proceeded with the time. Furthermore, the environmental characteristics at a later date of the product was treated will be remarkably superior in comparison with the product that was not treated.
S1 system of oil type and SA system of dry type are available. Please use them in accordance with the usage.

Spray type contact failure inhibitor Alphamist

In recent years, we have increased the vending machines for the above product and we have been getting reports of malfunction of the machine due to poor contact. The trouble especially is Tin-based connector is largely used with flexible substrate that may be the cause of fretting corrosion due to the temperature and vibration occurred in the machine.
The contact of the silver-based also plagued by ion migration due to humidity or a risen material.
But thin gold-plated contacts are not also highly reliable. For the above reasons, we recommend our Alphamist has each inhibitor as basic moisture resistance good base oil is well balanced formulation. So we believe you can use this product even under such circumstances without having problems.
We could aiso like to recommend our Alphamist for maintaining the vending machines and preventing the accidents.

Since contact materials that sealing treatment were not done will deteriorate the corrosion resistance with the passing of time, sealing treatment necessarily be done for those contact materials that put in the market as soon as possible.
However, we believe that it is quite difficult to do the treatment only for the contact. In such a case, dispenser, spray and application by cotton swab, etc. generally used to apply alphamist.
But, applying alphamist by these manner tends to apply too much alphamist, which causes the change in adhesion of dust and the coating film strength. So, a careful attention should be paid.

Furthermore, our Alphamist has each inhibitor as a basic good moisture base oil which is well-balanced formulated in the solvent does not affect the contact material. Because of this, we also believe you can use this product without any problems in any circumstances.
We are certain that if various battery terminals including connector that contact failure can be occurred easily be properly treated, contact reliability can be improved and operating force can be reduced which will be a sufficient merit of using this product.
Not many attentions required to be paid. But, if condensation occurs due to rapid cooling, a light warm air should be added for a few seconds. Also, in the case of using this product for the purpose of anti-tarnish for silver products, if you use this solvent too much, components that does not react to strong ultraviolet light may react.
If too much solvent is adhered, you should wash or lightly wipe it. This solvent does not invade most of plastics which you can use for the packaging area without any problems. However, please note that this solvent is strongly flammable product that you should not use it near fire.

Water System (D1SWG)

Though it is limited to some solvents, the usage of these solvents will be limited gradually from the standpoint of preservation of the environment and concerns on the affect upon the human body. However, sealing treatment agent for the water system that will bring a major consequence for gold plating is not yet available even by the recent technology.
This means that it is considerably difficult to have excellent corrosion resistance only by the inhibitor soluble in water.
D1SWG is emulsion system sealing treatment agent that kept the effect of conventional oil-based processing agent.
This water system(D1SWG) has characteristics of promising effects, easy management and considerably low running cost.