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Guidance of algae-proof and antimold agent for a constant temperature water tank
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Various trust examinations

A gas corrosion examination, an environmental examination, a mechanical examination prepare various examination items.
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Flow of the trust examination Gas corrosion test
With the gas testing equipment which I self-developed based on Japanese Industrial Standards, the corrosion examination with various mixed gases established in H2S (hydrogen sulfide), SO2 (sulfur (sulfurous acid gas) dioxide), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), CL2 (chlorine gas), single gas corrosion examinations such as O3 (ozone), Japanese Industrial Standards is possible.
Contact resistance evaluation test
A surface analysis of the contact resistance is possible by a method not to destroy a film as much as possible.
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Gas Corrosion Tester
Contact Resistance measurement system
Alphamist:The spray type which is popular dry alpha in tobacco and a drink vending machine.
DryalphaSAS:An oil slick-based surface treatment agent having high reliability is prepared with an original product.