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Welcome to FactK homepage! We will remove the contact defect from the earth using the cutting edge technology and science.
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Various Trust Examinations

We do the following tests upon your request; a gas corrosion test, an environment test, a mechanical test, etc.
For details, please check "Service".

Gas Corrosion Test
With the gas testing which was self-developed based on Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS), the corrosion tests with Single gas such as H2S (hydrogen sulfide), SO2 (Sulfur Sulfurous acid gas) dioxide, NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), CL2 (Chlorine gas), O3 (Ozone) and the mixed gases prescribed in JIS are possible.
Contact Resistance Evaluation Test
A surface analysis of the contact resistance is possible by a method without destroying a film as much as possible.
Weoffer you a rapid and accurate test.

Our Products

Gas Corrosion Tester
Contact Resistance Evaluation Tester
Dry Alpha
Alfa Mist Well sold in cigarette and beverage vending machine.
Dry Alpha Original of reliable oil slick surface
treatment solvents are lined up.