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Gas Corrosion Tester

SafetyThis tester is designed to be negative pressure in the test chamber with gas leakage main cock shut down equipment (OP).
Temp/HumEasy settin of the temperature from 25℃65% up to 55℃98%.(OP85℃90%)
Gas ConcentrationEasy to set up the concentration by just turning the dial.
Standard ConformanceCorresponds to IEC Standard E ISO10062.
Cost EffectivenessOptional programs can be added based on your purpose.
Control of Test RecordRecord and monitor the test results on Web-site by connecting LAN(OP).
  • KG200
  • KG600

  From our experience, of the four electric parts tests (defect analysis, standard test, deterioration accelerate test and gas corrosion test), we believe that the Gas Corrosion Test is the most essential one.
  As for the standard tests, various methods exist as listed below. In fact, the gas corrosion test has complicated factors for reproducibility in comparison with common environmental tests. Besides, it is said that the procedure for the tester itself is quite troublesome.
  However, as a result of our long years of development of our Gas Corrosion Tester by carrying out actual numerous tests, we are confident that our Gas Corrosion Tester has remained low-cost, easy to use, cost effective, safe, and some other characteristics. And we can carried out most of the following standard tests listed right.

Electronic components related gas corrosion test methods which are currently carried out

  1. JIS H8502 SO2 25,or1000ppm,40℃,90%RH
  2. JIS H8620 H2S 3,or10ppm,40℃,90%RH
  3. JEIDA25,40 H2S 3ppm,40℃,85%RH
  4. JEIDA32,41 SO2 10ppm,40℃,85%RH
  5. EIAJ-RC-5608 H2S 1ppm,40or25℃,75%RH
  6. EIAJ-CP-5102 SO2 25ppm,40℃,90%RH
  7. IEC 68-2-42 SO2 25ppm,25℃,75%RH
  8. IEC 68-2-43 H2S 10ppm,25℃,75%RH
  9. DIN 40046-36 SO2 10ppm,25℃,75%RH
  10. DIN 40046-37 H2S 1ppm,25℃,75%RH
  11. Corporate Standard H2S 3ppm+SO2 10ppm,40℃,75%RH
  12. Corporate Standard H2S 0.5ppm+SO2 1ppm+NO2 1ppm,35℃,75%RH
  13. Battel Saboratory
    Class 2 H2S 10ppb+CL2 10ppb+NO2 200ppb,30℃,70%RH
    Class 3 H2S 100ppb+CL2 20ppb+NO2 200ppb,30℃,75%RH
    Class 4 H2S 200ppb+CL2 50ppb+NO2 200ppb,50℃,75%RH
  14. ISO 10062-
    A SO2 0.5ppm,25℃,75%RH
    B H2S 0.1ppm,25℃,75%RH
    C SO2 0.5ppm+H2S 0.1ppm,25℃,75%RH
    D H2S 0.1ppm+SO2 0.2ppm+CL2 0.02ppm 25℃,75%RH
  15. Bellcore Low concentration 4 kinds

Gas Corrosion Tester KG200S
(Test behavior and data can be collected through 10BASE-T/Erthernet)

Network can be connected so that collecting and controling data, suspendingthe test, starting the operation and suspending the operation for emergencies can be done from remote area. Also, Bomb (Cylinder) main cock shut down can be controlled.

  • Example of Corrosion of Gold SO2 100ppm 40℃ 75% 240h