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Gas Corrosion Tester

SafetyNo pressure in the Chamber/Main Cock shut down when leakage occurs.
Simple setting from 25℃65% ~ 55℃98%.(Option 85℃90%)
Gas ConcentrationConcentration can be set by one dial.
Standard ConformityBased on IEC & corresponds to ISO10062
EconomyAn option meeting the purpose can be added.
ControlData logging and monitoring on Web by connecting LAN cable.
  • KG200
  • KG600

  We believe that gas corrosion test is essential among the trouble analysis, standard test and deterioration accelerate test for electronic parts.
  There are various methods as the standard. Comparing to general environmental test unit, gas corrosion tester has complicated factors as to the reproduction.
  In addition, the operation method for the tester itself is said to be troublesome. Then, our corrosion tester has been developed while actually conducting the tests.
 As a result, we have produced our corrosion tester with characteristics such as low cost, easy usage, low running cost and various other characteristics.

Following is the gas corrosion test methods being currently conducted for electronic parts and related pasts.

  1. JIS H8502 SO2 10,or 25ppm,40℃,80%RH
  2. JIS H8620 H2S 3,or10ppm,40℃,80%RH
  3. JEIDA25,40 H2S 3ppm,40℃,85%RH
  4. JEIDA32,41 SO2 10ppm,40℃,85%RH
  5. EIAJ-RC-5608 H2S 1ppm,40or25℃,75%RH
  6. EIAJ-CP-5102 SO2 25ppm,40℃,90%RH
  7. IEC 68-2-42 SO2 25ppm,25℃,75%RH
  8. IEC 68-2-43 H2S 10ppm,25℃,75%RH
  9. DIN 40046-36 SO2 10ppm,25℃,75%RH
  10. DIN 40046-37 H2S 1ppm,25℃,75%RH
  11. Industry Standard H2S 3ppm+SO2 10ppm,40℃,75%RH
  12. Industry Standard H2S 0.5ppm+SO2 1ppm+NO2 1ppm,35℃,75%RH
  13. Lab.
    Class 2 H2S 10ppb+CL2 10ppb+NO2 200ppb,30℃,70%RH
    Class 3 H2S 100ppb+CL2 20ppb+NO2 200ppb,30℃,75%RH
    Class 4 H2S 200ppb+CL2 50ppb+NO2 200ppb,50℃,75%RH
  14. ISO 10062-
    A SO2 0.5ppm,25℃,75%RH
    B H2S 0.1ppm,25℃,75%RH
    C SO2 0.5ppm+H2S 0.1ppm,25℃,75%RH
    D H2S 0.1ppm+SO2 0.2ppm+CL2 0.02ppm 25℃,75%RH
  15. Bellcore Low concentration 4 kinds

Gas Corrosion Tester KG200S (10BASE-T/Erthernet)

Data and the working status can be collected through Web.
Gas corrosion tester which is designed to be able to conduct low concentration mixed gas corrosion test easily and specifically.
This tester also has various characteristics such as controlling the humidity that will be a significant cause for the corrosion level and Teflon double chamber, etc. (Heat-resistant chloro-ethhylene chamber is available as an option.)

  • Corrosion example of gold SO2 10ppm 40℃ 75%240h