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Introduction of products

  • KG200

  • KG600
Gas corrosion tester The electronic parts including the contact mechanism part, the materials must achieve the role till the last not discouraged by various use environment.
Each environmental examination has the element which is necessary and important to the part by a corrosion examination at the start.
However, it occurs depending on a purpose of use when those choice is insufficient.
Difference in corrosion, a difference of the action due to the metal seed are remarkable when I compare the mixture gas corrosion examination with the single gas corrosion examination, and the reproduction examination that natural environments are nearer is possible.

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Contact Resistance measurement SystemThe contact resistance measurement of point of contact materials includes know-how, and the attention that is special because I break films intervening between contact depending on the method easily is necessary.
Because I can do it, as for the sample, the graph can utilize the contact resistance in most point of contact materials and the relations of the contact power as a persuasive document with a board, a circle stick.
Because it is possible at the same time, I use the evaluation after the environmental examination.

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DryalphaSAS Prevention of oxidation, noise, sulfuration spray strongest silver change of color prevention performance,
The strongest of the silver anti-tarnish performance and low insertion effect


Alphamist The favorable reception dry alpha with a cigarette, a drink vending machine
It is spray type list price 2,000 yen