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Introduction of Products

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Gas Corrosion Tester The electronic parts including the contact mechanism parts and the materials must achieve the role in using in the various environments.
Environment tests such as corrosion test have necessary and significant elements for the parts.
However, there will be a case that the choices of the above parts are insufficient for the purpose of usage.
Comparing the single gas corrosion test with mixed gas corrosion test,
the difference in corrosion and the difference in the work due to the type
of metal are remarkable that it is possible to conduct the reproduction test
in the environment that is closer to natural environment.

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Contact Resistance Measurement SystemThere is a know-how for the contact resistance measurement for the material of the point of contact.
However, it may easily break the films existing in contact so that a special attention should be paid in the operation.
Tha trial materials are a board,pole,etc. and the relation between contact resistance and contact strength(force) of the most of the materials of the point of contact can be indicated by a graph, which can be used as a useful and efficient data.
Also, the evaluation after the environmental test can be done at the same time.
Therefore, the contact reliability for the purpose of usage can definitely be grasped.

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Dry Alpha SAS High efficiency of preventing contact defect, oxidation, noise, and sulfuration prevention spray.
Powerful silver anti-tarnish and low insertion effect.


Alphamist This product is well-sold in ciggarette and beverage vending machine.
Dry Alpha Spray Type
Price: ¥2,000