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Various trust examinations


To Make Better Products!!
We recommend that you should conduct an initial evaluating of the parts.
  For example…When you use new parts.
  For example…When you change the part manufacture.

Gas Corrosion Test

Gas corrosion tester

Gas corrosion tester

Electronic parts, the product must maintain performance to satisfy the demand from a customer in any situation.
However, there is the thing corroding by generated gas of part oneself depending on the choice of the part.
A gas corrosion examination is regarded as important to evaluate the durability in the corrosive gas environment in order to evaluate influence of the out gas from materials and the atmospheric corrosive gas.
I can examine the mixed gases corrosion in conformity with independent and various standards (ISO, IEC, JIS, EIA, Battelle, ASTM) of four kinds of corrosive gas (H2S, SO2, NO2, Cl2) using the gas corrosion testing equipment KG series that I developed in-house in Factk inc.

Contact resistance evaluation test

Contact Resistance measurement system

When I change specifications of the electronic equipment for better product manufacture and malformation, I cannot recommend the part with the characteristic change that is more remarkable than the part which I used before too much.
It is necessary to compare the part thinking about a change with the part which I used, and to evaluate it now.
Because I evaluate it in place of a visitor in us, trouble to look for omit evaluation in you and can solve it in a short term.
In addition, an examination evaluation may become difficult by the examination condition in us, but evaluates it on this occasion through an outside testing institution.