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Various Trust Tests


To make better products, we recommend that you should conduct the part evaluation in advance.
  For example…When you use new parts.
  For example…When you change the part manufacturer.

Gas Corrosion Test

Gas corrosion tester

Gas corrosion tester

Electronic parts, the product,etc. must maintain performance that is to satisfy the customer's requirements in any situation.
However, there are some parts that corroded by its gas they generated.
A gas corrosion test has a significant role in evaluating the durability in corrosive gas environment to evaluate the affect of corrosion gas in atmosphere or out gas generated by the materials.
Using self-developed gas corrosion tester KG Series, we are able to conduct single tests of four kinds of corrosive gas(H2S, DO2, NO2, Cl2) and mixed gases corrosion tests in accordance with various standards such as ISO, IEC, JIS, EIA, Battelle, ASTM.

Contact Resistance Evaluation Test

Contact Resistance measurement system

When we change our specifications of the electronic equipment for manufacturing a better product and improving defective parts, we won't recommend the parts that has remarkable characteristic change than those have been used previously.
The reason is that it is necessary to compare the parts that are being used currently with the parts to be changed and evaluate them.
In order to save your time for finding a company where does the evaluation test for your part(s), we will conduct the evaluation test for you.
Also, please be noted that there may a case that it is difficult for us to conduct the evaluation test due to the test conditions. In the case, we will conduct the evaluation through outside test organization.