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The Example of Test

To conduct the evaluation test,we sometimes get some questions whether if the evaluation test is necessary.
The reasons why the evaluation test is necessary are as follows.
In order to complete a product, three stages that are development, design and sampling.
If a defect is occurred in the development stage, the defect has to be solved before going to the next stage of design.
Unless the defect is solved, you can't proceed to the next stage. And even if the defect found in the development was solved, if the parts selected in the design stage were wrong will cause a defect between the parts.
Three stages mentioned above are classfied as follows.

Development:To understand the characteristics of the individual part.
Design:To understand the characteristics of combining of the product(s) and part(s) developed.
Sampling:To understand the defect occurred on the shape of the unit(s).

Following marks are the usage frequency of the development, design and sampling in the following tables.

◎・・・High frequency
○・・・It may be done depending on the circumstances.
-・・・It will not be done frequently.

As you can tell from the above explanation, the viewpoints of each stage differ a little.
Following are examples of the recent evaluation tests.
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